Smart Mampara is an ongoing entrepreneurship comic currently published through Incub8 platforms (Print Magazine, Online and Website). The comic revolves around the story of Spitjo, a young entrepreneur who has been gathering information in preparation to start his own business. The setting is in an under resources dwelling in Soweto, South Africa. Like many South African families Spitjo’s mother, a single parent could not afford to send his son to a university. Instead of starting his own business he finds himself helping local business within the community with all the knowledge he had acquired over the years. Spitjo solves real challenges that are facing business owners. He is the main character and his full name is Siphiwe Dube but popularly known as Spitjo. Spitjo refuses to be part of the masses of unemployed youth and takes charge of his own life by going around like a local hero bringing solutions to local businesses.